I want to thank you for taking me on as a client for health and wellness. I have tried many health programs like, AdvoCare, take shape for life, and Isagenix to get quick results that do not last. Not to say the extreme cost in purchasing the products.

I have always been willing to try things to help me lose weight and become healthier. I came into your program with an open mind and I was very impressed with the options you presented. You had 6 different breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners, and 18 snack options for meals. The fact that I could pick an choose the meals I wanted and liked made the planning very easy. I did not have to count calories or make sure I ate certain amount of carbs, fats, etc. I just picked the meals and made a menu of what I wanted to eat.

The best part was the measurements of the meals, like 4oz chicken, I would get 8 ounce chickens and cook them up to make 2 meals. I am on the go a lot and my meal choices have been very poor, but your program makes It convenient and easy to make 3 or 4 meals in 1 hour. This has helped me keep on the plan and not deviate from it.

I have lost 27lbs and I feel great!  This loss of weight has made me sleep better, have less back pain and overall my body is feeling 10 times better than ever before.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is a fast food on the go junky like me. Grab what you can get at McDonalds, Voodoo Doughnuts, Starbucks, etc.. Life is to short to put these toxins in our bodies and I do not miss any of the JUNK quick foods. I also reward myself when I have a good week with a treat with under 200 calories.  Sweets are gone and I truly do not miss sugar.

If you want to get healthy and feel great TALK TO DIANE FALCONE HEALTH COACH!!

- Kevin McWhirter