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Monday meal Planning Tip – A Quick Tip To Help With Meal Plannning

It’s so easy it’s almost not even a tip, but I had to share it with you after some clients told me they were having a hard time with their meal planning. This one slight change I’m about to share can make a big difference for you! 

A lot of people think meal prepping means you have to spend your entire Sunday afternoon in your kitchen, cooking up chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli and then putting every meal in its own plastic reusable container.

Now, if that works for you, that’s awesome! Keep doing that! And leave me a comment to let me know!

But if it doesn’t work for you, (and I have a feeling it doesn’t!)…. I’m going to get really practical on you and tell you that you DON’T have to spend your Sunday in kitchen! 

Leave me a comment  if this sounds good to you.

What if instead of “doing a meal prep,” the next time you make something at home, you just double or triple your normal amount?  Then, you can put the extra in the fridge or freezer for another day.

Even if it’s something as simple as a tuna salad wrap. 

It won’t take much extra time – depending on your recipe, it probably will just mean chopping up a few more veggies.

You can do this with pretty much anything you cook: turkey burgers, stir fry, chili, you name it! For things like chili, you can always pack it up and freeze it for later. 

Not to get too home ec class on you, but this approach is also a great way to take to advantage of sales at your grocery store. 

If there’s a certain cut of meat on sale, or if one of your favorite veggie is in season, you can get extra and prepare it ahead of time.

You can save a LOT of time and money if you do just a little planning. Plus, you’ll always have a healthy, clean meal ready to go in your refrigerator or freezer! 

This simple tip will go a LONG way toward getting you to your goals faster…. and it’ll even save you some time, money and energy along the way. 

I hope this tip helps! 

Let me know in a comment below the next recipe you’ll be doubling to help save you some time and energy!!

Sticking with a nutrition plan can be a challenge but when you plan ahead, it makes all the difference!


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