Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing

Facebook can be a powerful tool for attracting people to your business if used in the right way. Below are 3 no-no’s for Facebook Marketing.

  1. Don’t plaster your company name, links, or promotions all over Facebook. People do not like to be sold on Facebook. Instead of spreading your links all over the place, get to know and form relationships with the people you meet on Facebook. Create curiosity about yourself and so they ask you what you do. Never send someone a link without getting their permission first.
  2. Do not add people to Facebook groups without first asking for their permission. If you have a Facebook group for your business, it is only common courtesy to ask for permission before adding someone to it.
  3. If you are promoting your business on Facebook, resist posting opinions about controversial subjects such as religion, politics, etc. Also, keep your posts positive. Most people do not like seeing negativity in their newsfeed. You may offend or turn off the very prospect you are trying to attract to your business.

These are just a few guidelines for marketing your business on Facebook. Check out future blog posts for more training on using social media for marketing your business.

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